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We stand for quality

The name Doll4me represents premium quality, reliability and value for money – we are your trustworthy and reliable partner when you are purchasing premium love dolls.

We cooperate with well-known manufacturers in China, who are supervised by our local agent. Due to the regular quality checks at the manufacturer’s site, we can guarantee the quality of the dolls. Manufacturers are thoroughly checked in audits to ensure consistent quality as well as capacity.

After you have placed your order, each love doll is manufactured according to your wishes by our manufacturer. This makes the delivery time a little longer, but you are guaranteed a brand-new Sex doll made according to your personal wishes.

To make the waiting time a little shorter for you, we will send you some great photos of your new doll once it has been completed.

The doll’s skeleton is made of stainless steel and comes with a 24-month warranty. We are the only retailer that offers such a guarantee.

We are a company in this industry that permits external reviews. After shipment of your Love Doll you will receive an email asking you to give us a review. 

See for yourself what customers say about us on Trustpilot and Trustadmin.

Doll4me is your trustworthy, safe and competent partner for life-like love dolls.